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Legend has it that ninth-century goat herders noticed the effect of caffeine on their goats, which seemed to «dance» after eating coffee berries.

A local monk then made a drink from coffee berries and discovered that it kept him awake at night, so the original cup of coffee was born.


This is the beginning of a series of curiosities about the world of coffee that many of them probably didn’t know about. Perfect for a fun talk on generalities accompanied by this tasty infusion. Here we go!

1. Coffee is a fruit. In fact, it is a cherry.

2. Of all the drinks drunk during breakfast, 65% contain coffee.

3. Coca-Cola is considered the best-selling product in the world. However, while 1.6 billion coke is consumed every day, 1.7 billion coke is also consumed.

Coffee is the second best-selling primary product in the world, just after oil.

5. Ludwig van Beethoven had a crazy obsession with coffee, always using exactly 60 beans for every cup he made. Not one more, not one less.

6. In the 18th century, drinking too much coffee was considered a major social problem.

7. Men reveal that they drink coffee for their job benefits, while women say they drink it just to relax.

8. Johan Sebastian Bach composed a satirical cantata in 1732 based on coffee addiction.

9. Coffee is more than a drink. It can be used as a fertilizer.

10. If you type the word «water» in Google, about 450 million results will appear. If you do a search for «coffee» you will get 1.5 billion entries.

In Korea and Japan, there is a Cat Cafe where you can go for coffee and spend hours with cats.

12. Energy drinks still don’t have as much caffeine as Starbucks coffee.

13. Coffee is most effective if consumed between 9:30 am and 11:30 am.

14. The world consumes about 2.25 billion cups of coffee a day.

15. The first webcam was created in Cambridge to check the condition of a coffee machine.

16. At first, Starbucks spends more money on health insurance for its employees than on coffee beans.

17. Instant coffee was invented by a man named George Washington around 1910.

18. Coffee doesn’t taste like it smells because saliva removes half the flavor.

Drinking a cup of caffeinated coffee significantly improves blood flow.

20. There is a cafeteria in France where not saying «hello» and «please» makes coffee more expensive.

21. New Yorkers drink almost 7 times more coffee than other cities in the United States.

22. One of the most expensive coffee brands in the world is made from Thai elephant dung.

23. 54% of Americans drink coffee every day.

24. If I had screamed for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days, it would have produced enough energy to heat a cup of coffee.

At first, Starbucks only sold roasted coffee beans.

26. The most likely origin of the word coffee comes from the Mohammedans.

27. The Netherlands is the world’s largest per capita coffee consumer, with an average of 2.4 cups of coffee per person per day.

28. Without its smell, coffee would only taste sour or bitter due to organic acids. Try it: cover your nose while taking a sip.

29. To study the effects of coffee on health, King Gustav III of Sweden commuted the death sentences of a pair of twins on the condition that one had three coffee pots and the other tea for the rest of his life.

30. The name «Cappuccino» comes from the similarity of the drink to the clothing of the Capuchin monks.

31. Americans spend an average of $1,092 on coffee each year.

32. Drinking caffeine at night slows the release of melatonin in our brains and interrupts our circadian rhythm for up to 40 minutes.

33. When men drink coffee, caffeine goes into semen as it goes into blood.

It has been estimated that 70 cups of coffee would be needed to kill a person of 70 kg (154 pounds).

35. Brazil has been the largest coffee producer in the last 150 years.

36. 50% of the caffeine you have consumed can be eliminated from your body in 5 hours, but it will take more than a day to completely eliminate it from your system.

37. In Hamburg, Germany, in 2016 coffee pods were banned from government-run buildings because they generate unnecessary waste and contain aluminum.

38. Two cups of coffee a day were found to reduce the risk of alcohol-related cirrhosis by 43%.

39. About 140 litres of water are needed to grow the coffee beans and process them into a cup of coffee.

40. Coffee has been found to reverse liver damage caused by alcohol.

Drinking 2-4 cups of coffee a day has been found to reduce the risk of suicide by 50% compared to non-coffee drinkers.

42. In the 17th century Ottoman Empire, drinking coffee was punishable by death.

43. Before the Columbus Exchange, there were no oranges in Florida, bananas in Ecuador, potatoes in Ireland, coffee in Colombia, pineapples in Hawaii, rubber trees in Africa, tomatoes in Italy and chocolate in Switzerland.

44. One study found that men who drink 6 or more cups of coffee a day reduce their risk of developing prostate cancer by 20%.

45. 25 million small producers make a living from coffee worldwide.

46. Espresso has more caffeine per unit volume than most coffee drinks, but because the usual serving size is much smaller, the total caffeine content is less than that of a standard brewed cup of coffee.

47. Too much coffee and stress can lead to higher levels of hallucinations.


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